3D print

An important part of our complex services is 3D print. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing method is used to print various parts and models. 3D print is typically used as an output of our design and development services. Physically present parts or assemblies significantly help to improve designs, save time and prevent future misunderstandings. If mechanical properties of 3D printings are important for your application, we can perform mechanical tests of printed samples.

Our extensive experience in 3D printing is available also for costumers interested in printing services only. We print from 3D files - file format *.STL, *.OBJ or we can transfer your 3D file to a printable file format. We also offer creating 3D models from your 2D drawings. Please contact us with your questions, requests or needs in 3D printing.

Very important role play the mechanical properties of the base materials. One should realize that these properties change during the printing process; therefore, we performe our own material tests on printed samples for each material.

Test conditions and material properties of printed samples from individual materials are presented on a special webpage dedicated to  this topic:

Parameters of our 3D printer: 

- max. dimension of the print 270x270x200mm (XxYxZ) 

- max. resolution in horizontal (XY) plane – 0.05 mm 

- max. resolution in vertical (Z) plane – 0.1 mm 

3D print process: 

 3D model creation


Raw printing


Final product