About us


Our company provides services in area of technical calculations for mechanical engineering. Our activity is focused on structural, thermal and dynamic analyses in power, aerospace, and automotive industries as well as in general engineering. Most of our calculations are performed in specialized computer programs based on application of the finite element method (FEM, FEA). We are offering consultations on solving technical issues related to undesirable behavior of a machinery or related to structure failures. We are helping our customers to identify critical areas of their designs and to propose design modifications leading to the design improvement and cost reduction. Our advantage is long-term experience with international projects, high expertise and reliability. We do our best to provide high quality solution by using the latest technology and techniques in numerical simulations. Our goal is to fulfill our customers’ needs to their full satisfaction and to contribute to successful development and implementation of their products.


L.K. Engineering was established in 2001 after previous successful experience of its founders in technical calculations for companies in power generation industry. At the beginning of its existence, the company activity was oriented to large companies in the USA; however in recent years, the company has expanded its service to European and domestic region as well. Our team of engineers has successfully accomplished projects for various areas of industry such as nuclear components, electric generators, turbines, turbomachinery, aerospace, transportation, architecture, etc.

Location and office

L.K. Engineering is the Czech Republic company which provides its services for local and international customers. We cooperate with USA customers as well as with companies in European Union. The company headquarter is located in Brno, Czech Republic. This location provides a good access to the Czech customers as well as strategic position for serving our international customers.

Quality and environment policy

The company’s management, in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and company strategic objectives, announces the policy of quality and environmental management for the years 2015 through 2018:

We believe that customers in their choice of suppliers will increasingly perceive not only the quality of services provided, but also the supplier’s attitude to a business environment. Quality of services is the first prerequisite for our customers’ satisfaction. We are aware that customers’ satisfaction is the key factor for establishing and stabilizing a network of permanent/long-term customers. Quality of services along with the environmentally-friendly approach are dependent on quality equipment, qualified personnel, eligible suppliers and functioning management system. 
Therefore, the company’s management is committed to personal engagement and activity for the continuous improvement of quality and environmental management in order to increase our customers’ satisfaction. 

In the area of the offered services, we will comply with the following principles:

·        Customer is always the highest priority.

·        Business ethic and culture is kept on the highest possible level.

·        Equipment, qualifications and competence of all employees must also be in accordance
         with the requirements of the company and the customer.

·        Positive approach to the environment is preferred in all activities of the company.

Used software

Software for numerical modeling:

·       Ansys APDL

·       Ansys Workbench

·       Ansys Fluent

·       Ansys CFX

·       Femap+NX Nastran

·        MatLAB

·        MathCAD

·        RSTAB

·        SCalc

·        Thermica

CAD software:

·         Solidworks      

·         AutoCAD

·         Ansys DesignModeler

·         Ansys SpaceClaim

·         Creo

Office software:

·          Office365