Space technologies

Analyses Types:

- - thermal analysis of systems/subsystems
- - thermal control design

- - static/dynamic analysis
- - thermo-elastic calculation
- - multibody dynamics (mechanism)

Coupled analysis
- - flow induced vibration and deformation (FSI)
- - heat transfer due to a convection
- - electro-mechanical simulation

Development of advanced physical models

Passed projects:

•       Design of spacecraft components for additive manufacturing

In frame of this ESA contract, we developed a methodology to design hybrid lattice structures.


High level of details
- - complex physical environment simulation
- - optimization of basic design
- - enhanced performance parameters of your design
- - ECSS standards experienced


Thermal stability of Micro-accelerometer for SWARM mission
Development of real-time extrapolation tool for TV/TB thermal testing
Thermal stability simulation of ground based optical telescope facility
ACES/ELT thermal and structural verification
Panel flutter simulation during launcher ascent
Aeroacoustics and sound propagation simulation

Member of Czech Space Aliance