Design and development

of space systems

Our activity in the space industry is oriented mostly on the European Union and USA. Our team of skilled and motivated engineers covers the complete development cycle starting with initial studies, definition of requirements, through the mechanical design, linear and advanced analysis, manufacturing documentation, test specification up to the test evaluation. 

The team has brought expertise and innovation into the exciting projects such as

> EUCLID PLM thermal control (Airbus Defence & Space)

> JUICE RIME antenna HDRM (SpaceTech GmbH)

> Lunar Lander thruster platform optimization (Airbus Defence & Space)

> JUICE magnetometer boom demonstrator (ESA)

> ATHENA Charged Particle Diverter (ESA)

> Supersonic flutter, acoustics and shock sensitivity of payload fairings (RUAG)

> Flexible solar array for new generation of TAS satellites (TAS-F)

> SPACE RIDER design of mechanisms and landing gears (TAS-I)

> CZARM study of advanced robotic manipulator (ESA)

> Additive Manufacturing of metallic spacecraft structures (ESA)

LKE is a proud member of Brno Space Technology Group and Czech Space Alliance

We helped to build complex systems for the wide spectrum of European space players: