Mechanical engineering analyses

Our technical knowledge and many years of experience along with our software tools allow us to solve any problem in mechanical engineering related to the mechanical behavior of components or complex systems. The computer programs ANSYS and NX NASTRAN that are based on the finite element method (FEM, FEA) enable us to perform all types of engineering analyses at high professional level. Therefore, we can support wide spectrum of customers in solving their problems. The range of performed analyses includes static analysis of a small steel frame, structural analysis of a bronze statue, dynamic analysis of a gearbox shaft, structural stability analysis of a drilling rig, etc.

Examples of mechanical engineering analyses:

Structural analysis of the bronze statue

The purpose of this analysis was to perform a structural verification of the statue for the weather loading as well as for the transportation loading. Results of the performed calculations included design changes of statue wall thicknesses for each section, design of the internal reinforcement structure and proposed design of the statue anchoring. Another important benefit of this analysis was a significant reduction of the bronze material needed for casting.

Bronze statue FEM structural analysis

Structural stability analysis of the drilling rig

Another example of our analyses is a stability evaluation of the drilling rig. The performed calculations considered effect of large deformations as well as plastic behavior of the materials. Results of the performed evaluation were used for the verification of the drilling rig structure for the required design load.

Drilling rig FEM stability analysis

Structural analysis of the stone-breaker toggle plate

The subject of this analysis was a toggle plate of a stone breaker machine. The task was to design the plate so it safely transfers the operational loading during normal condition, while it collapses when exceeding the limiting loading of the breaker. This calculation employed non-linear buckling analysis considering geometrical and material nonlinearities.

Stone breaker toggle plate FEM analysis

Deformation analysis of the food-processing tank

The task of this analysis was to identify and evaluate displacements of the attachment points at various operational conditions. In the next step of the evaluation, the tank wall thickness optimization has been performed as well. The results of this analysis were identification of the structure mechanical behavior and reduction of the required material and thus cost reduction for the customer.  

Food processing tank FEM structural analysis