Thermal analyses

In the area of thermal analyses, we evaluate heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. The result of a thermal calculation is temperature distribution over a component, which can be subsequently used as loading in the structural analysis to identify thermal stresses and deformations. Based on the numerical simulation we can propose design modifications to optimize the heat transfer, to reduce the thermal loading or to increase the lifetime of the machinery.

Thermal analyses may include the following tasks:

-      Steady state or transient temperature distribution calculation

-      Combined thermal-structural analyses considering thermal expansion of materials

-      Heating or cooling of components due to a fluid flow

-      Modeling of interactions between a fluid and a structure (FSI analyses)

-      Calculation of heat losses

-      Optimization (reduction of heat losses, reduction of cooling time, cost reduction…)

-      Comparison of different designs (different concepts, manufacturing technologies, materials…)  


- Time savings

  - We can help you to meet the schedule

  - Identification of potential issues during the design phase (elimination of operational problems and warranty claims)

- Cost savings

 - Elimination of necessity to build a prototype (product behavior can be tested using numerical models)

 - Lowering of operational failure risk and thus reduction of costs related to solving the failures

- Competitive advantages

 - High quality engineering analyses reduce the potential of products to fail (faulty product harms the reputation of the manufacturer)

 - Our technical report can help you to demonstrate to your customer compliance with the requirements on the product

Thermal FEM analysis of generator rotor
Thermal FEM analysis of spacecraft
Thermal FEM analysis of microaccelerometer
Thermal FEM analysis of pressure vessel
Thermal analysis of lunar lander thrust platform
Thermal FEM analysis of turbocharger casing