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Case studies

Structural analysis of M. R. Stefanik statue

The task was to perform structural verification of the one of the highest bronze statues ever built in the Czech Republic. A complex analysis was requested including assessment of vibration loads during transportation, evaluation of weather loading and seismic loading, and design of the statue wall thicknesses.

Optimization of door opening mechanism

The purpose of the analysis was to optimize design of the door opening mechanism to minimize the weight without impacting its function or lifetime.

Nuclear energy / ASME Code qualification

LKE team participates on new plants development, operating plants life time extension and components repair or replacement. Our engineers perform necessary analyses to provide ASME Code qualification of the analyzed components.

Analysis of clamp to increase service life

The task was to design a collet for clamping mechanism of a testing machine. The required fatigue life was defined as 10 000 000 cycles. 

Development of actuators for space mechanisms testing

The goal of the project was to develop affordable and reusable actuators (so-called hold down & release mechanism) that can be used for testing of space mechanisms in phase of their development. These special actuators are capable to hold high preload and subsequently release it requiring very small force.

Aerodynamic simulation of flow around building

The task was to identify a root cause of the polycarbonate window failure during strong wind. The building stands in the highlands, where the strong winds often flow from one direction. In a certain wind direction, the vacuum deformed the window panel so much that it was released from its holders.