Automotive analyses

As experts in providing technical calculations, we offer our resources and technical experiences for applications in automotive and transportation industry. We perform thermal and structural analyses of turbochargers and its parts, fatigue life estimation of various parts of vehicles and optimization of structural design.

Examples of automotive analyses:

Deformation analysis of the combustion engine part

In this task, a deformation analysis of the part of the combustion engine has been performed. The analysis considered the assembly process and its impact to the deformation. The effect of the preloaded bolts was accounted for as well.

Combustion engine FEM structural analysis

Structural analysis of the car headlight plastic part

Calculation of the response to the vibration loading has been performed in this project. Obtained results were used to propose design modifications and to reinforce critical areas in order to improve resistance to the vibration

Automobile headlight FEM vibration analysis

Design of the plastic holder

We have also participated in the design development of the plastic holder placed in the transportation vehicle interior. The primary object was to minimize the holder deflection at the maximum load. A structural verification of the entire part has been performed as well.   

Plastic holder FEM structural analysis

Dynamic analysis of the roller

Another example is an optimization analysis of the car-testing station roller. The purpose of this calculation was to reduce the weight of the roller while keeping the dynamic properties of the entire system. Several modal and harmonic analyses were performed to identify natural frequencies and real deformations of the structure.

Testing station roller FEM dynamic analysis