Material testing

Our service includes testing of mechanical properties of solid materials. Usually, its knowledge plays a crucial role in the development and design of new products. Material testing provides the necessary input data for numerical analyses allowing prediction of behaviour of mechanically exposed components.

We dispose of a universal material testing machine including a variety of fixtures and grips for circular and flat test specimens.

Testing machine parameters:

- load capacity: max 100 kN

- contact extensometer: max 5 mm of elongation

- height of tension space: max 600 mm

- crosshead speed: max 500 mm/min

Mechanical testing of materials:

- standard tensile test (e.g. according to ISO 6892)

- compression test

- bending test

- non-standard tests of product assemblies or their components

Tested materials and environmental conditions:

We provide testing of both metalic and non-metallic materials. Specifically, we have large experience in testing of steel as well as polymers (plastics, rubber/elastomers). We perform standard material tests at room temperature, though we are able to arrange also testing at elevated/reduced temperatures.

Tensile test steel specimen
Tensile test copper specimen
Tensile test flex specimen
tensile test diagram of steel
tensile test diagram of berillium copper
tensile test diagram of flex