Additive Layer Manufacturing

Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) is a manufacturing process to build fully functional parts layer by layer. LKE is focused on powder bed process, Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology applied on metallic materials such as aluminum and titanium alloys. ALM creates new opportunities in manufacturing area for your products to improve flexibility, performance and cost efficiency. LKE provides complete cycle comprising design, manufacturing and testing. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Benefits of Additive Layer Manufacturing

•       Mass reduction, cost savings

•       Lead  time reduction

•       Reduction of  number of parts

•       Green technology

•       Improved buy-to-fly ratio

•       Multidisciplinary function

•       Global cloud solution

We offer a solution to utilize ALM for components and assemblies

•       Feasibility study

•       Design optimized to ALM

•       Manufacturing services

•       Machining

•       Testing

•       Consulting for a production

Currently available manufacturing system powder bed SLM 280

•       Build size 280mm x 280mm x 360mm

•       Currently available materials: Al alloys, Stainless steel, Ti alloys

Passed projects:

•       Design of spacecraft components for additive manufacturing

In frame of this ESA contract we developed a methodology to design hybrid lattice structures.


FEM optimization of lattice structure for additive layer manufacturing
Lattice optimization for additive layer manufacturing
Vibration testing for additive layer manufacturing
Additive layer manufacturing 3d scanning of lattice
additive layer manufacturing example
additive layer manufacturing production